Electric skateboard sparks worldwide interest in electric car, electric scooter

Electric scooters have emerged as a popular alternative to petrol-powered cars.

But what if electric scooters could also be used to travel long distances, or to transport large loads of people?

The answer is a scooter.

It’s a small electric skate board, called the Electric Skateboard, that’s made by a team of researchers in Sweden.

The company’s founder, Jens Binder, says it was a natural progression from a long-distance bike.

“The concept of a long distance skateboard had not been realized until recently,” he says.

Binder has developed the board with the help of a former member of the Swedish National Skateboarding team, who has since moved on to work for another company.

This company, Håkan Sjögren, also makes the electric scroller, and it uses a battery to run the motor, which converts the electric current into mechanical power.

In order to get a long haul, the Electric Scooter needs a motor that can deliver enough power to get it up hills, through tight corners, and across rivers and lakes.

And it’s also got to be powerful enough to travel over long distances.

This makes it a good candidate for the first ever long-haul electric scotch.

“We wanted to make a very low cost electric scootable board,” says Binder.

The electric skateboarding board is currently in a trial phase.

“For the next 10 years we’ll make a lot of progress, with about 500 people using it,” he adds.

The board is still a prototype, and there are some technical challenges that need to be overcome before it can be mass-produced.

But Binder says he expects the board to be available to buy by the end of this year.

The team has also developed a prototype of an electric scrotum that could be used for the same purpose.

That could be useful for recreational use as well.

But for long-term use, it would be a nice way to transport passengers.