Carmel Edison to buy electric generator company EVSYS for $2 billion

Posted April 18, 2019 12:01:11Electric generators are one of the most efficient ways to deliver electricity to homes and businesses.

In fact, they’re one of just a handful of products that have seen a 20% increase in annual sales, according to research firm Statista.

But the electric generation market is a very volatile one.

The current generation of electric generators includes older models, which can be hard to keep up with, and newer, more efficient designs.

Now, the electric generator market is booming, with demand expected to rise for several reasons.

The most obvious reason for this is because the current generation electric generators are relatively inexpensive, which is great for companies that need to keep costs down.

Companies like Tesla, which has a massive, low-cost factory in the United States, are also able to offer new designs, which makes them attractive to manufacturers.

The most recent generation, the EVSys, has seen a 25% increase annual sales.

In a report from Bloomberg, EVSY president and CEO Adam Jorgensen explained why EVSIES is investing in electric generation:We’re investing in this generation because it’s the most innovative and the most reliable in terms of technology and production capabilities.

The best electric generator for homes and commercial applications is the EVSA-2, which will be used in the U.S. as the first generation of the new generation.

The EVSA family is currently being assembled in Japan, and EVSA is a small, low cost, low emissions, high-efficiency generator.

The EVSA series is designed to deliver high performance, high reliability, and low emissions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

EVsYS’ EVSA technology is the most advanced, most reliable, and most cost-effective generator in the market today.

EVSA and its competitors are positioned to deliver the next generation of high performance and high reliability electric generators to the residential, industrial, and transportation markets.

This new generation of EVSA offers significant efficiencies over the EV-1 generation, and is currently the most cost effective in the EV market.

While this may sound like an obvious choice for EVSies, the company’s acquisition of EVSYP will add a significant amount of capital to its portfolio, bringing the total value of the deal to $2.5 billion.

The acquisition is a major win for EVSA, which already has more than $1 billion in assets under management, and which is one of America’s largest producers of low-emission generators.

It’s the first step in EVSA’s plan to get to market with a new generation, according a company statement:In an interview with Recode, Jorgenson explained that EVSES was always in the process of expanding and growing its electric generator operations, and the EVSO-1 acquisition was an important step in that effort.

The new generation is a significant step forward for EVSO, which was originally founded in 2006 by Adam Jovensen, who started working on EVSA in 2013.

The company, now owned by EVSISY, is also one of Europe’s leading producers of battery powered electric generators, which it acquired in 2017.

The deal also gives EVSICES a presence in Europe, where EVSO was recently named as one of Electric Power Supply’s top 10 suppliers of electricity in the EU.