When you get hit with a $1,000,000 car battery, the battery company says it’s a matter of time before your car dies

By TOM GARLAND The Associated PressBURLINGTON, Vt.

(AP) It was a big, heavy truck that drove into the back of a Burlington, Vermont, electric scooters bar, spilling some gasoline and exploding a generator.

Electric scooters, once the go-to transportation for young and old, have been a boon for electric-vehicle makers, but the electric range they provide is getting tougher to come by.

Burlington’s electric scooting community has been a source of pride for generations, but they’ve become increasingly rare.

Electric-vehry maker Range is looking to bring the scooters back to Vermont, where it has a long history and an electric-car battery supplier that was sold to an affiliate of the city of Burlington in 2016.

Range officials say the scooter is now being restored in its original factory, but it has not yet been tested.

It’s been a busy couple of months for electric scooters.

Burlington Electric said Friday that its battery supplier, Electrolux, is working on a plan to build a new factory that would supply battery packs to electric scoots in Vermont.

The company said it’s hopeful to have the new battery factory up and running by 2019, but said it needs more time to prepare for production.

“The process of restoration is not as fast as we would like to be,” Range spokesman Chris Curney said.

The batteries have been around since the late 1970s, but have been less common in recent years.

Electric ranges, or charging stations that charge batteries from electricity generated at power plants, have become popular with drivers.

In recent years, they’ve been increasingly popular with cyclists, who use them for commuting.

Electric range stations are often located at street corners or other public places.

The batteries must be charged in public places, such as a public park, and must be transported by people walking or biking.

Range has said it is not planning to start selling the scoots for commercial use.

But Burlington Electric has been trying to get the batteries in the hands of people in Vermont since the summer of 2016, when it announced a plan for the scooting to return to the city.

It is not yet clear if the scootes will be returned.

Range said the scottings are being restored and will remain in the city until 2019.

Electrolux declined to comment.

Burlington Public Utilities spokeswoman Stephanie Miller said the city’s electrical grid is in good condition and there are no current plans to replace the scopes.

The Burlington Electric scooters were restored in the 1990s and are now being refurbished to provide electric range.

Range said it will not be able to build an electric scotch factory in Burlington because it does not have the infrastructure to do so.