Tesla’s electric planers: ‘We’ve got the technology, but not the customers’

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk says the electric vehicle maker is not looking to sell its planser technology to other automakers.

In a conversation with Reuters, Musk said the company has been working on its own planser-based system for years, but that it is focused on making its own chips, which it says will be better able to handle more complicated applications.

“We’ve been working for the last decade to make a planer chip,” Musk said, referring to the company’s planser chip.

“But it’s really a matter of finding the right chips.

The planer chips that we’ve got are much more capable, and are much cheaper than what’s on the market.”

Tesla plans to build an electric car that is both a planser and a self-driving car by the year 2025, and is expected to sell more than 100,000 of them a year.

The company is now building the electric car in a factory in Nevada, and expects to ship the cars to customers in 2019.

Musk has said that his company plans to start shipping its plansers to the auto makers in 2019, though it has not specified what it will cost.

Musk said that Tesla’s plansers, as well as its own chip designs, will compete against existing chips made by other companies.

The planser industry has been trying to compete with Tesla for years.

For example, planser makers have been trying unsuccessfully to get into the autonomous vehicle market.

However, the planser market has grown increasingly important as companies like Tesla try to build more autonomous cars and drive more people around.

The Tesla planser chips have also been able to survive a wide range of temperature variations, such as from the inside of a car to outside of it.

That means that they can handle much colder temperatures and still function.

Musk also said that the company is not worried about its chips falling victim to climate change, and that Tesla will continue to focus on developing its own products for that purpose.