The new electric toothbrushes are great!

The electric tooth brush has been a hit with parents and children in Australia, as the new devices have made a splash at the Australian Consumer Affairs Council (ACAC) awards in Perth this week.

In a statement the electric toothpaste and other electric tooth brushes are designed to help children learn about the power of the sun, the energy of the wind and the power that comes from the sun’s rays, as well as offer some fun facts about them.

“This is an exciting time to be a kid and to have the first ever electric toothpastes on the market,” ACAC chief executive David McCallum said.

“Kids need to be able to look up to the stars and learn about how the sun and the wind work together to generate power.”

The electric tooth-brush is a great tool for teaching them about these basics and how electricity can be used to power their home.

“The first batch of electric toothpicks, which are made in Australia by a company called the Energizer family, are due to be available to consumers this year.

While some people have already bought the first batch, others are still waiting to try them out.

Many people are taking to social media to share their excitement about the new electric devices, and the positive reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.”

Great job Energizers for saving me money on toothpaste,” one parent wrote on social media.”

We had a little bit of a shock with our first toothbrush, but it has since been so much easier to brush our kids than with a regular brush.””

The Energize can be a little daunting, but you will be surprised how much better it feels to brush with the E.O.B.,” another commented.”

This has helped us a lot and I love the way it feels when it brushes on,” another added.”

I just bought a couple of Energizing, and I’m really glad that I did.

“Electronic toothpaste is a lot cheaper than toothpastors Energizers is a registered Australian business and has been operating for more than a decade, with a goal to provide safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly products to children, their families and their communities.”

It’s been a huge success so far and we are thrilled that so many parents have chosen to share our campaign on social,” the company said.

The E.o.B. has been tested in schools across Australia, with more than 100,000 children having already used it and more than 20,000 more using its range of more than 40 products.

The company said it was also testing a range of new electric products, including toothbrushing kits, and is now aiming to produce up to 2 million electric toothpieces a year.”

Energizer is working to increase the number of electric products available to our customers, and we will continue to be working to expand our range to support the growing demand,” it said.