Carmen Electra Naked: ‘I am not a whore’

Carmen Electra has revealed that she does not enjoy the sex industry.

“I am a professional who is very conscious of her image and what she does, she is not a prostitute,” the singer said on Monday during an interview with Australian broadcaster Nine.

“What’s the point of being a prostitute if you can’t do what you’re doing?

I have been doing this for 25 years and it’s my job to get what I want, and if I don’t get what’s coming, I am not going to pay the price,” she added.

Electra, whose latest album, The Perfect Lover, was released last year, has had a number of hit singles and a string of TV shows over the past five years, but the singer has always maintained a low profile.

Electrum has a string and solo albums in the pipeline, with a new one expected in 2018.

Electras new album The Perfect Love is due for release on October 22, and is being released by the label Elektra Entertainment.

Electreals recent music videos are a reflection of her status as an independent artist.

In one video, the singer and her entourage, including her former manager Paul Roper, dance around a beach on a beach towel while wearing a bikini and revealing a bikini top.

Electronals music videos have also shown the singer dancing in front of a mirror, and dancing with her family.

“The perfect lover was the one who was there when she was in love, and when she got the perfect lover she was there with us,” Electra said.

“But the perfect love was never the same.”