A look at the electric motorbikes that could make it to the U.S. under President Donald Trump

Electric motorbike companies are making their case to the Trump administration for U.N. approval to bring their electric models to the country under the U-20 program.

A White House spokeswoman declined to comment.

Electric bikes can be used for transportation, work and recreational purposes, but the U.-20 program requires them to be equipped with an electric motor and battery that are smaller than a normal bike.

That could make them attractive to potential buyers, but there’s been no confirmation of any electric bikes being made in the U, nor has any been made available to U. S. companies.

U.S.-based manufacturer KTM is the first to officially apply to be part of the program, which is meant to allow more foreign companies to enter the electric vehicle market.

KTM has built a small number of electric motorcycles under its KTM Electric motorcycles line, including a compact model and a sport model.

The KTM electric bikes are powered by a single electric motor that provides a range of about 50 miles, according to the company.

While the company doesn’t provide a price for its electric bikes, KTM CEO Matthias Beck says the company has been in the business for more than 15 years.

In 2018, Ktm received a U.K. license from the European Union to sell electric motorcycles in the country.

“We’re not going to stop selling our electric bikes,” Beck told Reuters at the time.

However, a KTM spokeswoman told the news agency the company is considering applying for U-23 and U-30 licenses, as well as a U-31 license, to bring electric motorcycles into the U., including its smaller, Sport model.KTM’s current models are based on the E-KTM family, which also includes the E30 and E40 models, and it also has a smaller version, the KTM X50, which was developed in-house.

As a result, the company’s current lineup includes the KLM X50 and the KVM X50.

The company is also planning to build an electric version of its current E-Class family of electric bikes that would include a battery and motor that would provide more range than the K-Series bikes.

But that’s not the only electric bike to enter production in the United States.

In addition to KTM, electric bike maker E-PACE has made a number of prototypes and is expected to begin production by the end of this year.

E-Pace’s first electric bike will be a sporty electric bike that’s powered by an E30 engine.

According to the KOMO website, the bike is “a hybrid of the KUMB KTM S1000 electric bike and the BMW M-Series E-Coupe E-Honda.”

In order to be eligible for the U -20 program, a manufacturer must have at least 20 electric bikes on the market and be manufacturing a certain number of bikes per year.

In 2018, E-Racing of California was one of the first electric motorcycle manufacturers to register its U-series bikes in the state.

If approved by the U and the UEC, the U bikes will be available to buyers in 2021.