Volkswagen diesels to sell 100,000 electric buses to German electric utilities

Volkswagen is set to sell electric bus fleets to Germany’s state-owned utilities, the company said.

The new electric buses will be powered by electric engines which will be connected to a single electrical power source, said Volkswagen in a press release on Wednesday.

The bus will be able to drive on electric power alone, without any connection to a charging infrastructure, and will be fully autonomous.

The electric vehicles will also be able get on and off the bus as needed.

“We are working on a completely new and innovative electric vehicle to be delivered in 2019.

We are working hard on this.

The new electric vehicle will be delivered at the beginning of 2020, when our vehicles have already been sold in Germany.

The first of these buses will also have an electric powertrain,” Volkswagen said.

Volkswagen also plans to introduce electric buses in the future, as part of a wider strategy to expand its electric fleet.