Electric lettuce

Cars, TVs, and appliances are all getting electric, but one appliance stands out for its lack of a battery pack: the lettuce slicer.

But a few years ago, there was one big surprise when Nissan, a Japanese carmaker, announced that it would start offering its Nissan Leaf electric battery pack for about $20.

Today, Nissan has released a redesigned version of the Leaf that includes a built-in battery for about the same price as the old Leaf.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, considering the battery pack has a range of about 8,000 miles and can recharge in about three hours.

The new Nissan Leaf also has a built in battery pack, which is also an electric feature, though it doesn’t come with a chargeable battery.

If you’re a Nissan Leaf owner, Nissan may be worth a look, especially if you have a Leaf EV or Leaf EV Plus.

If the Leaf EV and Leaf EV PLUS aren’t your cup of tea, the Leaf will still get the electric treatment, as it will be offered with a built and removable battery.

This model of the Nissan Leaf, however, is a bit more expensive.

It starts at $30,000, which puts the price of a Leaf in the $37,500 range.

The Nissan Leaf is a hybrid, so the battery packs can be charged via the plug-in hybrid charging port on the roof of the car.

The Leaf EV also has some additional electric features that will help it last longer.

The front seats have been redesigned to fit a slightly larger space, and Nissan says the Leaf can be stored in a more compact storage unit with two additional storage compartments.

The battery pack can be used to power the interior, as well as to charge the Leaf.

The redesigned Leaf has an LED daytime running light and a head-up display with information on battery charge, range, and more.

The charging port is on the back of the seat, making it easier to store the battery.

Nissan says that this model of Leaf is about 10 percent more expensive than the previous model.

The price of the new Leaf is $30 and comes with an eight-year warranty.