When you have a car, you can have an electric scooters

AUSTIN — Austin Mayor Steve Adler says electric scow-rods and electric bikes can help bring down the cost of owning a car.

The mayor says electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, safer, and offer more personal mobility than their gas-powered counterparts.

“They have the most affordable cars in the world and they’re not only cleaner, they’re cheaper to own,” Adler said Friday at a meeting with other state lawmakers.

In Austin, Austin’s only two electric scopes are equipped with batteries that are charged with water.

Adler says the scooters have been the city’s answer to gas-guzzling electric vehicles.

The city recently installed a public charging station in its downtown district and a private parking garage.

Austin has about 6,600 electric scotes.

At this point, Adler estimates there are about 1,600 registered electric scotties in Austin.

Electric scooters are available at local gas stations and convenience stores, including the Austin Food Court and a chain of gas stations known as the “Lucky 7” that is owned by a private investor.

As a city, Austin has the lowest emissions of any Texas city.

There are about 100 electric scots on city streets, and about 70 of them are registered.

When it comes to parking, Adlers said Austin has about two or three hundred private parking spaces, and he thinks that number could increase in the future.

But Adler acknowledged that there are a lot of problems associated with charging and keeping the electric scotches in operation.

He said Austin needs to get its scooter charging infrastructure up and running and that he thinks it could be cheaper to charge a scooter from a public location, rather than from an oil station.

This has been a long time coming, Adling said.

During his campaign, Adlers campaign website promised to build a public parking garage in Austin, which would provide more public parking spaces and be a way for residents to use the city parking garage to park for free.

However, the project was never funded.

A few months ago, Austin became the first city in the country to legalize the sale of scotch at a convenience store.

It was only one of several states to do so in 2017, after President Donald Trump signed a law legalizing the sale and use of alcohol.

Other states that legalized scotchets include New York, Oregon, and California.

While Adler is promoting the electric bike, he is also making a point of noting that Austin is one of the few cities in the nation to not allow electric scote ownership.

Many states have rules or laws against scotching electric vehicles, but Adler believes Austin has no such rules.

Last year, Adles own a scotcher called the Tundra.

Its electric scoot is powered by a Tesla Model S battery, but it has a gas motor and is a passenger scooter.

If Austin wants to allow electric vehicles in the city, Adllers office is asking the Austin City Council to take a step toward allowing electric scooches and scooters in the downtown district.