Lowe’s introduces electric fireplace to store shelves

LOWES ELECTRIC FIREPLACE is about to launch its first electric fireplace at a retail store in the US.

The product is a smaller version of Lowe’s own existing electric fireplace and comes with a price tag of $49.99. 

The store is opening its doors to the public in November.

Lowes said the electric fireplace is designed to help customers enjoy their home, as well as give them peace of mind in a busy retail environment.

“We believe the best way to improve our customers’ home is to give them the freedom to enjoy their homes with the convenience and comfort of an electric fireplace,” Lowe’s executive vice president of sales, Dan Dibble, said in a statement.

“Our aim with the electric model is to offer our customers a choice of more convenient options for their home.”

The company said it will launch a second, smaller version at the same store in December.