When Electric Boat hits the road in 2018

Electric Boat has been cruising the country, delivering the latest in electric boats since the 1970s, and now the company is set to deliver a new electric boat that’s much bigger and better.

Electric Boat CEO Michael DeLuca said the company has been working on a new “Evan” electric boat, which will be powered by a “100-megawatt” battery.

The “Evas” will be a new class of electric boat with a maximum capacity of 300-plus people, DeLucas said.

The boat is expected to be ready for service in 2021, and the boat will be the most powerful of its kind on the East Coast.

The new boat will have the same size hull and be powered entirely by solar panels.

DeLucis said the boat would be more efficient than the current fleet of electric boats.

He said the new boat is capable of cruising at speeds of up to 55 mph and carrying up to 500 passengers.

The next generation of electric vehicles are expected to become more powerful, but smaller boats can still get a little bit of lift and carry a lot more passengers.

“You can also have the most advanced, safest and most versatile electric vehicle ever built, so we’re very excited to finally be able to deliver the Evas to the world,” DeLucae said.

He also said the Easys would be able hit the road much sooner than the company anticipated.

“We were kind of hoping that we would be doing this by the end of 2021,” he said.

But the company says the new “electro-boat” will launch in 2019 and that it will be able deliver it before 2020.

“By the end, we will have it delivered to customers in 2021,” De Lucae said of the electric boat.

“The Evas is the culmination of a process that began with the introduction of the boat in 2007, and it has continued to evolve and become more advanced over the years.”

The new “electric boat” will have a maximum power output of 300 megawatts, or enough to power an average electric car.

The Evas will be much larger than the previous generation of boats, but DeLucus said it would be about the same overall size as the current electric boats from the same makers.

It will have four propellers, four propeller blades, four water tanks and four batteries.

The size of the “Easys” will also be smaller than the next generation boats, which have four-cylinder engines, De Luca said.

“They’re not the fastest boats we’ve ever built,” De Lucas said.

De Lucas said he believes the new boats will be cheaper than the older boats.

The company is selling the EAsys in partnership with Cruise Lines, which is also working with electric boat makers to bring electric boats to the United States.

Cruise Lines also recently announced it will add an electric boat to its fleet in 2019.

“I’m very excited about the EASys,” DeLuceas said of their partnership with cruise lines.

“Our relationship with them is very good.

We’re going to make sure the EIsys are available to our customers, and that we’re going in the right direction.”

Cruise Lines has said it plans to build more than 100 electric boats in the U.S. in 2019, and plans to ship them by 2023.