How to buy an electric motorcycle for kids

How to purchase an electric bike for kids?

That is the question that parents are now being asked.

While parents of youngsters can make it easy for their children to buy electric motorcycles for less than Rs 500, parents of adults should be prepared for the same, a senior official from the Child Development Ministry said.

“As per a report, there are several reasons why adults and children do not buy electric bikes.

They prefer to go for the traditional model which has a price tag of over Rs 500.

They are also afraid of the high costs of maintenance and insurance.

This has led to the lack of interest in buying an electric cycle,” a senior education official told PTI.

The government has announced a scheme to help people buy electric bicycles and electric motors.

It has launched a scheme where all adult citizens of India can buy an electrics bike, and an electric motorbike, with a fixed price of Rs 500 per cycle, which are also called electric bikes, the government said.

The scheme, which is open only to Indian citizens, allows them to get their first electric bike within 30 days, while it takes about one month to buy the first electric motor.

The new scheme aims to attract more consumers.