COVID-19 outbreak expands to 3 states, new coronavirus cases reported

More than 3,500 cases of COVID–19 have been reported in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

New York State reported 1,944 cases, and New Jersey reported 590 cases.

All three states were among the states with the highest rates of new cases.

New York, which is home to the world’s largest population of people, reported the highest rate of new infections.

The New York City-based Empire State Health Department (ESDH) reported 2,835 new cases of coronaviruses, up from 1,764 reported on Monday.

New Jersey had 1,898 cases, a 7.5 percent increase.

The state was among the most affected in the country, with 3,099 cases reported from Friday to Monday. 

New Jersey’s rate of cases is nearly four times the national average of 1,150 cases per 100,000 people.

Newark-based Community Health Centers of New Jersey (CHCNJ) reported 1.7 percent more cases on Monday, the second-highest increase. 

The state had 572 cases, up slightly from 542.

The CDC has also announced a national effort to get people to take a new anti-COVID vaccine.

The campaign, called PREVAIL, is expected to run through January 20.

In addition, the Centers For Disease Control has expanded its coronaviral outbreak to include states in California, Florida, and the District of Columbia.

The state of New York is currently reporting the highest number of new coronovirus cases, with 1,400 new cases reported.

California has reported 1 and Florida 1,000. 

According to the New York Daily News, New York City is home for more than two-thirds of all new coronaval transmissions. 

On Tuesday, the New Jersey Division of Health issued a statement that warned the state to expect an additional 50 cases in the coming days. 

“The increased number of cases and coronavirectomies is expected and is an increasing concern.

We must remain vigilant and plan accordingly.

The health of our residents and visitors is of utmost importance,” the statement read.